Strategy and Ways for Monster Legends

Monster Legends is a creation of Social Point and easily available at play store. In this, we have to fight against our enemies with the ultimate monsters to level up. We have to train well and improve our skills to become a perfect player. It is excited as we have to collect a good amount of gold, coins, and rewards to move up on the leader board. The main thing that we need to kept in mind that we will never win without earnings which are in the form of gold and daily rewards.

Ways to get the Battle Strategy Right

The Adventures map in Monster Legends gives us an opportunity to host a battle of deadly creatures. We also get a chance to fight against the boss monsters, or we can say powerful monsters to earn XP, gold, free gems and other rewards by defeating them by using Monster Legends Cheats. For this, we need many strategies to be planned because battling is simple, but defeating them is more difficult.

  • Elemental Affiliations of the Monsters

In it, we get a chance before a fight to manage our formation and also know who our enemy is. We should check our enemy’s elemental affiliation properly before we hit the fight button. Some elements are stronger as compare to each other. Water elements do more damage than a fire element. Elements are of different types like thunder, water, dark, Earth, and light, etc.

  • Formation of the Team

The formation plays a vital role in the battle as once we know about our enemy. We should select them wisely with their elemental affiliations more powerful than enemy’s monsters. If we want to change the monster which is weaker than our enemy’s monster, then we have to select the more powerful monster to defeat them easily.

  • Skills of Monsters

It fills with different types of monsters with their various skills, abilities, and powers. It is compulsory to know proper strengths and skills of our monsters to win in the battle and also to increase the level. If the monster is fully upgraded, then it increases our winning percentage automatically.